Project Mala - Sponsor a child in India to eliminate child labor

Why choose us?

  •  All your sponsorship money goes to India
    Our sponsorship income in 2014-2015 was £89,042 and we sent £168,577 to India.  Our Governance costs (overheads) were £11,235 and this, plus the extra amount to India, was covered by other donations, Gift Aid and fundraising activities. (See financial)
  •  Payments are under your control
    We do not have direct debits so all payments are controlled by the sponsor so they can start and stop when they wish.  If you have internet banking, the easiest way is to set up a direct payment to our account -

    Account name: Project Mala Charitable Trust
    Account Number: 12426816
    Sort Code: 16-34-80
    Bank: Royal Bank of Scotland
    6 Nessgate, York YO1 9FY
  •  Photos and reports are posted to personal logins
    If you become a sponsor you will be given a username and password which enables you to log in and see the profile of your sponsorship child, photographs and school report.  New photographs and school reports are posted annually and you receive notification when these are available for you to view.
  •  Children do not know they are sponsored
    The children do not know their education is sponsored.  A large number are not sponsored and we do not want them to feel left out.  Some charities have their children send letters and drawings to their sponsors but we feel this is degrading for the children.  They are all poor, but we don't feel that letting people know this will improve their situation.  We want the children to concentrate on their education and try to improve their prospects.
    However, we encourage sponsors to visit, where they will be introduced to their child as we like children to interact with visitors.  Any presents sent to the sponsored child or given on a visit will be received by that child in reward for some meritorious work the Head Teacher will determine.
  •  Children receive education, free uniform, food, medical care, sports and cultural training
    Children get five and a half days formal education.  They are medically examined on admission, including an eye test.  They are treated for any illnesses, including providing free glasses.  Our training includes sports and life skills, ie gardening and cooking.  They are also taught personal hygiene and shower and washing facilities are provided.